|REVIEW| Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Serum: Er What?

Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Red Serum review

This is by far the best month ever since I started work. I took two months off for my last ICAEW paper (read my ICAEW journey here and here) and I honestly don't think I need that much time-off. Even our lecturer urged us to go back to work since there is not much to study until the Advanced Information (the first part of the exam paper for Case Study) comes out. But I had taken the leave anyway, why not just indulge myself again in doing something I love? (Like being here 😚)

|REVIEW| Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner

Mizon AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner Review

Almost a year of inactivity, wow, I'm lazy haha. Anyway, I am planning to adjust my focus and purpose a little. Instead of reviewing products that I've only used for a short period of time (which honestly isn't enough to really tell if it is good unless it's a one-time use product, e.g. sheet mask, pimple patch, you get the point), I want to try to extend the testing period. So the target I set for myself now, is to at least use up half of the product before I do any review. 👌😀?

|REVIEW| Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ PA++++ With Sebum Control

Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ PA++++ With Sebum Control

It's always a problem for me to find the perfect suncream that controls sebum but gives me enough protection at the same time. I've found one but it is running out very fast as I was using it daily and it is super expensive for its size. I was ready for a repurchase but the moment I looked at my bank account, I knew I HAVE to find an alternative. 😭 Lucky for me, I stumbled upon Althea's very new baby: Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ PA++++.

|REVIEW| Dermabell Perilla Premium Modeling Mask: Super Cooling

No I haven't. Not until recently. After watching a YouTube video on how to cool down your skin using modelling mask, I've been thinking about getting one to play with. Then I discovered Dermabell, which carries three different variants of modelling masks: Perilla, Propolis and Rose. I knew I wanted  to try Perilla the moment I saw it because 1) I've honestly not seen any skincare that has this ingredient and 2) it aims to calm sensitive skin, just something my skin needs!

|REVIEW| Zephyrine Starter Pack: After Using It for One Month

If you read my review on Zephyrine's Placenta Extract Repairing Mask, you probably remember I promised to come back in November to give you guys an after-1-month review on both the toner and the cream. So it's time for me to show you some closeups and before-after from using the whole starter pack for 1 month. p.s. Can't believe how time flies past so quickly and my final exams are in this week! I hope I am well prepared for a pass haha! Pray for me? 😂