Fashionista Wanna Be Part 1

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Like so many girls, I am obsessed with fashion and styling. If time allows, I would spend my whole morning and evening scrolling through YouTube and hopping from one fashion blog to another to scout for inspiration. It's often very tricky to do this because time doesn't wait. I could easily waste my whole day doing nothing but looking around and thinking how I should make use of my clothes. Sometimes, I would even end up window-shopping online and hating myself for not having the earning power to get myself what I want. Ugh, the frustration. >.<

Because of my petite frame, I love to specifically search for bloggers and YouTubers of my size. That way I get to see how they dress themselves up and add heights into their frames. Because that's what I'm really bad at. 


How I Planned My Trip to Japan 2 - Kyoto

I Travelled In Japan Without Speaking Japanese, Here's How

Happy Chinese New Year to those who are celebrating the lunar new year!

It’s been more than two weeks since I described to you my trip to Tokyo and I promised to write about Kyoto, so here it comes! 

Kyoto is an ancient prefecture of Japan. It has a large number of temples characterised by their vivid red paint and picturesque views. My family and I had spent fewer number of days in Kyoto compared to Tokyo, not for any particular reason, simply due to restriction of time. It was a three-day-three-night adventure filled with many temple visits, walking and … well you won’t want to know what comes after the ‘and’. Hint: it’s not pleasant.

Apps to download for use in Kyoto:

Accountant Wanna-bes: So What's ICAEW?

My ICAEW Story: Semester X (Sunway University College)

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With the internship in the middle, I've totally lost count of the semesters I've been in. It should be around semester 7 or 8 now? Let's call it semester x. (Look at how lazy I've got, I don't even care to count anymore.) Currently I'm on my fifth last paper. Why fifth? Because there are a total of 15 papers in this professional programme. I know I could've said 11th paper but I count better when the number is smaller! And yeah, I'm going to be an accountant, you can put your trust in me no worries!

(In case you have no idea what I'm talking about there, here is an old post by me on ICAEW when I was in Semester one!)

Meet My Makeup Academy Palette!

Not long ago ago, I bought a new makeup palette from Sephora. It looks totally awesome (of course, it's mine!) and I would never want others! This SEPHORA COLLECTION Makeup Academy Blockbuster is small in size, which makes it portable and easy to carry. It consists of 72 shades of eye shadows ,28 different colours of lip glosses, 7 types of blushes, 18 colours of eyeliner crème, 3 tones of concealer, an eye shadow primer, a lip primer, 2 double-ended sponge tip applicator, one double-ended eye shadow brush, one double-ended blush brush and of course, a mirror. It may be a little too much for a beginner, but trust me, this thing is FUN!

How I Planned My Trip to Japan - Tokyo

I Travelled In Japan Without Speaking Japanese, Here's How

how i planned my trip to japan

I have just recently got back from Japan and man, it was a memorable trip. Never had I actually thought that I would one day set foot in this foreign country because Japan used to be on my no-go list and I didn't think I could cope with the culture. My Japanese vocabulary is also very limited. All I know was the three most common words: Konichiwa, Arigato and Hai but my family and I did manage to travel on our own feet and visit every place that we planned to visit. I planned the whole thing one week before departing and had an awesome experience travelling around with my family.

|REVIEW| Book Review: Eat Pray Love (SPOILER ALERT)

To be honest, I've bought the book in 2010. It was a huge hit back then and most of my friends were reading it (and were done reading it THAT year). For some reasons, I got bored of the book and didn't manage to read past page 35. It was something I'm not proud of, because it took me another 7 years to dig out that book and start reading it from the top again. Geez, I can't believe it's already been 7 years!

Okay, back to the book.

|REVIEW| Book Review: The Giver (SPOILER ALERT)

I stumbled upon the book after my brother told me about this upcoming movie which starred my favourite singer, Taylor Swift. She plays a minor, yet crucial, role named Rosemary in it. I was struck by movie's trailer and all I wanted then was to read the book. Not waiting for a second more, I got my hands on the book and started reading it right away.

Hmmm, how do I describe the first reaction towards the book?

Surprised? Not really, the movie trailer has given out quite a lot, haha!
Frightened? A little, how would my life be if I were to live life colourless and emotionless? I definitely wouldn't feel anything towards it if I were really to be there but to think about it now creeps me out.

But the thing is, I don't get it.