|REVIEW| Book Review: Maze Runner Trilogy (SPOILER ALERT)

I hate to rush when I am reading books. It takes the fun out of reading while all I have in mind are deadlines. That is also part of the reasons I need weeks, possibly months, to finish a book one can finish within a day. I read into every single word, make out the details and imagine the whole thing. I try making every scene clear and vivid because I like to compare my imaginations with the directors' if the book is screened.

|REVIEW| Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

If you watch Descendants of the Sun, you surely will not be unfamiliar with the name Song Hye Kyo or Kang Mo Yeon! She has risen to her top again due to DOTS. The show is such a huge hit in many countries (note: not just Asia) that KBS has decided to air three special episodes replaying some of the best scenes from the drama. But that isn't what I am here to talk about.

A Skill We Need to Learn: Accepting Negativity


If that's your first thought when you saw the title, maybe you should read on.

A few months ago, I stepped up for myself and made a significant change to my future. In no way in the past would I be able to imagine that I would choose to be an accountant because I used to flinch just at the thought of studying Accounting. Seeing how my dad has to work his butt off, most of the time burning the midnight oil, to give us a good life repels me. So I marched into the health profession so gloriously, which all of you know resulted in me running away from it after First Year and me entering what I used to see as a nightmare.

|REVIEW| Holy Grail: My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask Review

My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask Review

Today I want to talk about a sheet mask that I own (or owned for now). I have an obsession with sheet masks. They are quick to use, beneficial for the skin and most of the time the cheaper alternatives to hundred-dollar facials. This beauty trend has been in the market (especially Asia) for a very long time and has become the insanely sought-after beauty product these days thanks to the Korean wave. However, the mask that I am about to share with you guys today does not originate from Korea.

8 Ways On How To Recover From Embarrassment

There are times when I forgot that I'm 22 now and got stuck reliving all the embarrassing moments I experienced when I was little. The flashback attacks came so suddenly it's often difficult to defend myself from the whirlpool. In my opinion, the embarrassing moments are the hardest to overcome. They stick with you and play with your mind even though you may be the only one who's feeling awkward about the situation. It takes loads of energy and time to minimise the effect they do to your mind until you do not cringe at every re-run of the moment.

What prompted me write this post is my recent episode of embarrassment in class.

|REVIEW| Lush Face Masks: Ayesha Mask Review

ayesha mask
This Mask Smells Like Incense.

It's been almost a month since I finished the tub and I think it's better to do it sooner before I forget how the mask was. In my Lush Cosmetic Warrior Mask Review, I mentioned that I purchased the masks in Japan. Compared to the Cosmetic Warrior Mask (I will call it CWM from now on), this lasted four days longer (i.e. later expiry date). 

The reason I purchased Ayesha was because the Lush beauty assistant in Japan told me that it helps combat acne. However, when I came back home and checked online, the USA Lush website tells me that Ayesha is formulated for the reduction of wrinkles. That explains the tightening and tugging feel after using the mask! So why did the beauty assistant recommend me this? No, it could not be due to language barrier because the beauty assistant speaks perfect English. Guess we need to decode the ingredient list below to find out. 

Fashionista Wanna Be Part 2

Let's get back to work yo, ladies! Or gentlemen, if any (even though I don't know why you're here). Heh. *Scratches head* So where did we leave off? 

Oh, here! The next three fashion YouTubers/Bloggers that I am in love with. Off the train goes!

The girl in front of the camera is Jen Chae, a cheerful asian beauty vlogger and blogger. (Of course she has a blog, DUH?) I'm very in love with her fashion sense. The outfits she puts together are fresh, youthful and incredible for teenagers, twenty-somethings or even ladies in their early thirties. Not just that, she's petite and I have a thing for girls who can rock the red lips (just like Taylor Swift)!

My idol. Ah. 

This is Jen Chae's channel From Head to Toe on YouTube and her blog below it:

|REVIEW| Lush Face Masks: Cosmetic Warrior Mask Review

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Mask review

Here comes the fresh-ingredient mask that everyone has been raving about. No matter how much I tried to resist the temptation, I've eventually given in and bought two tubs of the mask, Cosmetic Warrior and Ayesha when I travelled to Japan. If you've read my story about my journey to Japan then you know how I feel about these new masks that I just bought (and finished). But if you haven't, click here to read it!

Since these masks were made from fresh ingredients, they have short shelf lives and therefore expire quickly, typically within a month. I bought the mask for ¥1,000 (RM39.20 or US$8.95) in Tokyo and according to the Japanese tax law, because I wanted to get it tax free (price reduced to ¥926), I was not able to use it until I left Japan. That means a week went by without me using the masks. Hence when I came back to Malaysia, I have less than 2 weeks to finish up the products and I don't particularly enjoy using wash-off masks every day because I have to wash it off every time after masking. Nevertheless, I still used them diligently on a daily basis because sigh I bought them and they are not cheap for such a small tub.

Chinese New Year

It is again the time here in Malaysia to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In the past, this was undoubtedly the most anticipated holiday of the year because I did not have to go to school for at least 10 days and I got to 'collect' angpaos (translate: red packets which contain money) from the marrieds/elders! Of course, the excitement also included the one and only chance to touch and ignite the now-illegal (or maybe it always is illegal) firecrackers.

This year is special.