|EVENT STORY| Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party by Watsons

pika pika malaysia review

Watsons Malaysia recently launched Pika Pika, a Japanese skincare brand, both in store and online. To celebrate, they organised a tea party and invited a few bloggers to join them at ForΓͺt Blanc last Saturday. It was during the event only I learnt that 'pika' isn't just the only word Pikachu can pronounce, but it also means 'bright'. Now that explains the title of the deep cleansing range (read on to understand why I said that)!

pika pika malaysia review
At the event, we were introduced to all three products one by one, which are all made in Japan.

All three items in this range have names starting with 'Sparkling Bright' followed by descriptions of their actual functions. Now that's in line with the brand name 'Pika Pika' which I explained above for you! When they introduced us to the Sparkling Bright Fruity Deep Cleansing Liquid, we were challenged to put on our best waterproof makeup without a mirror and then to remove it with the deep cleansing liquid.

pika pika malaysia review
Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid (RM79 for 190ML)

This is where we had the most fun. We were laughing a lot and constantly seeking reassurance from each other to see if our own makeup looked okay. Since we were informed of the challenge beforehand, I actually practised for the challenge (and I wasn't the only one πŸ˜‚). I don't put on makeup often enough so I'm definitely lacking in the skills department compared to the others. *sobs*

Sometimes it's best not to worry too much about something you're really scared of because I accidentally poked myself in the right eye while I was doing my eyeliner. Clumsy me! This was the main reason I was practising diligently at home and yet it still happened! Luckily I decided to not wear my contact lenses that day. Or else, I would have to skip the rest of the day to go get my eyes washed LOL.

pika pika deep cleansing
My bowl of water. Everyone was getting their camera ready for the no makeup challenge!

After we're done putting on our makeup we were each given a bowl of water. We were then instructed to wet our face with water before we went in with two pumps of the cleansing liquid. I must say, the Pika Pika cleansing liquid is so. good. smelling! It smells like fresh apple and felt very refreshing on the skin. What's best is it contains both AHA and BHA 😍  in the form of natural fruit extracts. That means it can gently dissolve dead skin and help clear up clogged pores while I remove my makeup in the shower! I love products that multitasks! Now, the big question is, does it work?

pika pika deep cleansing
The fruity smelling liquid on my weirdly positioned palm. You can see the liquid is clear and quite runny.

After removing my makeup, my skin cheered in happiness because it looked fresh and visibly brighter! It felt comfortable and was not dried out from the cleansing. What surprised me the most was it removed all my waterproof makeup, despite stinging my eyes a little in the process (and tearing me up), leaving my eyelids all clean again. It even broke down and removed my friend's tinted lipstick, which is known for its super strength on the lips (although she did complain it tasted bitter)!

Will I recommend it? Maybe, if we're just looking at its smell and how well it removed my waterproof makeup. But if you're interested, you can wait for my detailed review! Give me some time to test it out and I'll link it here when it's ready! :D

Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel (RM39 for 35g)

The next product we were introduced to is the Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel, which reminds me of Katy Perry's song, Hot N Cold (any KatyCat 🐱 here?). So, yes, this product is exactly what it says, it warms and it cools. It was slightly warm when I applied it onto my skin then it slowly cooled down. This was a signal to tell me that it's ready for rinse-off. I believe the cooling effect came from the menthol that it contains to help soothe the skin and shrink pores after the heat expanded them to let the white clay in it work its magic.

Since I have combination skin, I only applied the clear gel to my T-zone and my chin as recommended where blackheads and sebum frequent and pores are generally larger. This not only makes sure I don't dry out the other parts of my skin which are drier, it also helps me save on the product, which is quite small in size if you ask me! The emcee for the day even called it a 'baby' of the Deep Cleansing Range HAHA.

Look at my face! All shiny after applying the gel haha! My eyes were a little red from the cleansing liquid.

I squeezed out an amount equals to 10 cents and spread it on my skin. The gel texture was unexpectedly sticky, which kind of reminded me of the UHU superglue. That made it quite hard to spread and I didn't even know if I had put on enough of it. I ended up wasted quite a lot of the product because I felt like I've put on too thick a layer and I didn't want to cover my whole face with it. :(

Will I recommend it? Maybe not at the moment. I didn't like its texture and I thought it's too small in size for its price. My pores were not reacting too well to it which I suspect was due to my earlier-than-recommended removal of the gel. So I'll need to further test it out to be sure! Wait for my detailed review on this which I'll link here when it's ready! :D

Coming to the last item in the range, it is the Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask which is a VIP of the range. It contains arbutin, which is known for its properties in inhibiting dark spots and freckles and preventing skin ageing. Sounds great for the revival of my skin which has become really dull lately due to sleep deprivation! 

Containing white clay, this is the Sparkling Bright Fruity Peel Off Mask (RM49 for 80g).

However, as I'm very sensitive to peel off mask in general, I was afraid this would cause my skin to flare up so I didn't try it on my face. My red swollen face would stand out too much at an event with photographers snapping pictures everywhere! Wouldn't want all the attention on me, would I? That'd be very selfish of me! 😝 I did however do a swatch on my hand for you to see in the picture below.

A thick layer on my skin before it dried down.

After it has dried down and was ready for peel off. Thank you, Lee Yann from Missy Forward Beauty, for your hand!

I did not get this one for myself so I won't be able to do a detailed review for you guys. I'm still terrified of what I saw when I tried peeling mask for the very first time and this one contains the very same ingredient that the last one did. I'm going to give myself some time to get over the fear, maybe then I'll get my hands on this and do a review on it!

Not to forget, since this was a tea party, of course we had a lot of yummy desserts and a beautiful unicorn ice cream! All thanks to ForΓͺt Blanc! I've included some pictures of the cakes and desserts for your viewing pleasure. :P

Yummy but waaaay too sweet for me, and I thought I have a sweet tooth!

The scones are the best!

More macarons! This one with the special unicorn design was a sweet surprise for all of us!

The best surprise of the day: The unicorn ice cream. YUMS! The strawberry looks a bit off? It is actually a bourbon chocolate!

Where to buy Pika Pika:


Sparkling Bright Fruity Deep Cleansing Liquid
RM79.00 (in-store)
RM67.15 (online)

Sparkling Bright Hot & Cool Cleansing Gel
RM39.00 (in-store)
RM33.15 (online)

Sparkling Bright Fruity Peel Off Mask 
RM49.00 (in-store)
RM41.65 (online)

The cheaper online purchasing price is not enough? Here's more discount! You can get EXTRA RM10 OFF if you buy online with the code PIKA10A! This is valid until 31 July 2017 so don't miss it!

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Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

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Watsons Malaysia
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The Butterfly Project
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I was invited to the tea party by The Butterfly Project and Watsons Malaysia. As usual, all thoughts are mine and 100% honest with all pictures taken by me. Please read my disclaimer here.


  1. This looks like a fun event, and oh my gosh you naturally have such beautifully clear and healthy-looking skin!


    1. It was really fun meeting all the other people there and the makeup challenge was certainly something! Thank you Gabriella hahah it's the camera that makes it look good! :D

  2. This was such a cool event! I love how they set it up so everyone was involved. I'm rubbish with my makeup skills too because I mainly only go in with a few products when I go out haha! The cleansing liquid sounds really good, can't wait to see your detailed review. Also, you have amazing skin! xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. I agree! The no-mirror makeup challenge had us all involved and we got to know each other better! HAHA I sometimes even skip everything and just go out with a bare face! Thank you Velvet! xx

  3. This looks like such a cool event! Your skin literally looks flawless! I also love the look of all of the little snacks they had available, as they all look so good!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. It was quite fun! Aww thank you Hannah! I had some concealer on haha :D The scone is the best! xx

  4. Too bad I miss this event =( The products look really good and gentle for our skin! The desserts!! I might just visit the cafe for those cute desserts!!

    1. You should try their Hot n Cool gel! Not too bad. You should! The scone is really good. :D

  5. Thank you for the mention 😊


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