|REVIEW| TIA'M My Signature Vita B5 Toner: Hydra B5 Boosting Toner

I'm thinking of taking a break after this post and spend my weekends on something else. It just felt a little overwhelming at the moment especially since my work is quite taxing these few months. But there are some products that I've been trying out lately and I just couldn't wait anymore to share them here with you guys. Today, the limelight is on a new member to the TIA'M family, the My Signature Vita B5 Toner. 

|BEAUTY TIPS| Using Four ID.AZ Derm Dermastic Clay Mask Together

I was strolling past Watsons one day and I noted some new additions to the shelf in the store. They come in tubes and there are four different colours. Intrigued, I walked in and picked out one to take a close look at. It was indeed a new addition not just to Watsons but also to the brand ID.AZ, of which I've reviewed some of its sheets masks previously. Check them out here: Gold MaskBrightening Mask and Hydrating Mask

|REVIEW| DrJmeeLab W 2 Step Facial Mask: It Works!

Well, hello! I'm back from my two-week hiatus! It's been a tough two weeks because I've been day and night for a job that I'm involved in right now. I've even once worked from 10am to 7am the next day! Luckily I have a bunch of great colleagues working alongside me and they give me the motivation to stay strong. Finally understand the true importance of having the right environment and the right people at work! HAHA!

|REVIEW| Sam & Sean Haters & Lovers Ghassoul Clay Mask

It's been so long since I last reviewed a clay mask. The last one I did on Innisfree's Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask was more than a year ago! Okay, that's if you don't count the Nada Soda the Pore Care Pack, a bubble clay mask I got from Jolse and wrote a review in September last year. Even that one was roughly 8 months ago, also the time I started my job as an auditor in one of the big fours. Can somebody slow down the hands of time ah? LOL.