Surprise Surprise: Nominated For Blogger Recognition Award!

Being nominated for an award is the best thing that could happen. Especially when it comes to my blog. I've spent so much time on it, it's feels good to be noticed by a fellow blogger! It's a place I share skincare reviews with you peeps and I've never thought I could ever get to where I am if without your support! 

First thing first, I want to thank Nabeeda Bakali from The World of Nabeeda for the nomination. You've seriously made my day when you left a comment on my blog! Thank you for the award and now I'm going to pass it on to another 15 of you.

|REVIEW| My Fave Sheet Mask: PDC Liftarna Concentrate Mask

liftarna mask
I think this photo is pretty decent. 🤔

Hello everyone! Yeah I know, I don't normally greet but this time is different. I am doing a blog detox! If you're wondering what a blog detox is, let me explain a little. There's this blogger community in Malaysia called The Butterfly Project (TBP in short) which I joined in May. TBP hosts a monthly detox event for us beauty/skincare bloggers to follow where we sit down and just share about a product.

So... what's the difference with what I'm doing now? Isn't that what I do already? 

|REVIEW| Unboxing Althea Trouble Breaker Box For Acne

althea trouble breaker box review
Already unboxed HAHA! Spot the one product that looks a little bit odd~

It's been a while since I've done a beauty review and it's back! This time let's go a little crazy because I'm going to review the Althea Trouble Breaker Box which has six full size products in it! YES, SIX! All specially curated by the elves in Althea Korea! This box is meant for acne prone skin as the products are carefully selected to calm irritated skin and remove flaws! So, six products, full size, carefully selected, this thing must have costed a fortune?