|REVIEW| My Need For A New Bag: MAHI Leather Review

MAHI Leather Bag Review

My recent trip to Penang has finally pushed my patience to the edge, I need a new bag!

For the trip, I borrowed my mum's Fossil Sydney Crossbody to carry around. I stretched the bag to its maximum by squeezing in an umbrella, a reusable bag, two lip glosses, a versatile tool, a pepper spray, a phone and a purse and I ended up distorting the shape of the bag (sorry Mummy). I love Fossil's bag designs. They have this retro look that is classic and doesn't die with time. But I often find their bags overpriced for their size and that has stopped me from buying a Fossil bag for myself.

I wanted to use my LongChamp Le Pliage, the most versatile bag ever, but it is failing me. There are furs sticking out from its seams as a result of me overusing it (guess you can tell how much I love it). This seems to be a common problem with such bags. Its soft texture also causes whatever I carry to show through in shape and I'm really not a fan. But I adore it for its size because I can fit in many items without over stretching the bag (unlike poor Fossil). Yet I've always had trouble finding a similar bag at a similar price.

Not until I learn about MAHI Leather.

Some of you may have already guessed, MAHI Leather is named after the Mahi River in India. The coordinates on its badge, 22° N, 72° E, represent the mouth of the river, where it joins the Arabian Sea. As a socially conscious company, MAHI donates $1.50 from the sale of each bag to FRANK Water Projects, a registered charity based in the UK, which has helped over 300,000 people gain access to clean water since 2005.

What excites me about MAHI is that it not only cares about the society, it also cares deeply about its customers. They skip out the middlemen by making every MAHI bag to order and shipping each directly to the customers. This significantly reduces costs and all savings are passed to the customers. This means their high quality leather bags are a total steal! From what I learnt in Business Strategy last semester, MAHI definitely belongs in the Bargain Brands category.  

Speaking of making each bag to order, here's what attracted me the most. If you love to mark your items with your initials like me, you are going to love this. Listen well, you can actually embroider your initials on your MAHI bag! YES! You read that right. Your initials, on your bag. Don't worry that this will compromise the quality or the shape of the bag because the lettering is stitched onto the bag prior to manufacturing hence ensuring a perfect finish.

For the bags, they use soft leather with sturdy brass fittings and robust YKK zippers to create high quality bags comparable to popular bag brands. At a reasonable price, MAHI totes have both Fossil's retro look and Le Pliage's size which I'm absolutely in love with! Before I go overboard with my love for the brand, here are some beautiful designs I found from their Pinterest boards.

(Click on the images for image source)

MAHI Leather Bag Review
This Vintage Brown MAHI Tote is my favourite.

MAHI Leather Bag Review
I love the extra pocket on this Vintage Brown Medi Tote!

When I came back from Penang, I told myself I need to start searching for a retro-looking leather tote that is durable and long lasting and MAHI came to my rescue. At first I was worried they would not ship worldwide and I'm so glad that's not the case. They even ship to remote parts of the world. Not only that, it is my first time seeing a bag brand which protects its customers with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee! (Okay calm down Yan Ru, calm down, breathe).

Other than totes, they also offer duffles overnight bags suitable for travelling both in Leather and Canvas if you're not a fan of leather made products. For men, rest easy, you're not left out! MAHI has some really nice looking Leather Holdalls and Satchels that are suitable for everyday use and would be a great gift for those of you ladies who are clueless about what to get for your dad/brother/husband/boyfriend. Not to forget the bags could be embroidered with their initials too! A gift with a personalised touch made easy. ;)

MAHI Leather Bag Review
A Holdall: The Drake

MAHI Leather Bag Review
A Satchel: The Oxford Zip-Up

Thanks to my Penang trip, I've finally found my favourite bag brand. Now I can finally save time from debating whether to borrow the tiny but stylish Fossil from my mum or use my huge but worn down LongChamp. Woots!
So what's your favourite bag brand? Leave a comment below to let me know about it! I'll be more than happy to hear from you! If you have any questions regarding MAHI, feel free to ask me in the comment section below or you can head straight to their website here to consult their online experts!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

This MAHI Leather bag review is sponsored but it is strictly based on my personal opinion of the brand. Do check out MAHI's website for more information if you're interested!


  1. Great photos! Love the mahi bags :D they look great! xx

    1. Glad to know that you love them! Do check out MAHI Leather's store, they have a lot more great choices that are really pretty! :D

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