Fashionista Wanna Be Part 2

Let's get back to work yo, ladies! Or gentlemen, if any (even though I don't know why you're here). Heh. *Scratches head* So where did we leave off? 

Oh, here! The next three fashion YouTubers/Bloggers that I am in love with. Off the train goes!

The girl in front of the camera is Jen Chae, a cheerful asian beauty vlogger and blogger. (Of course she has a blog, DUH?) I'm very in love with her fashion sense. The outfits she puts together are fresh, youthful and incredible for teenagers, twenty-somethings or even ladies in their early thirties. Not just that, she's petite and I have a thing for girls who can rock the red lips (just like Taylor Swift)!

My idol. Ah. 

This is Jen Chae's channel From Head to Toe on YouTube and her blog below it:

I do not particularly fancy her blog because her main focus there is on the makeup products with only eight posts in the Lookbook tag. 

Michelle Phan is the only makeup guru I subscribe to for her makeup tutorials. To be brutally honest, I've lost interest in her channel although I used to like her a lot. Most of the time now I would rewatch her old videos because she has been posting fewer and fewer makeup tutorials videos (I think maybe she has them on em michelle phan). But with her old videos, she still offers many great tips on makeup that never get old and are perfect when you need them for prom (that's where I got my inspiration for my college prom) or a date night. Sometimes she will have outfit videos posted but they are rare. Very. Rare. Side note: she has a book called Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success--Online and Off! Visit her blog to find out more!

The cover photo on her YouTube channel is simply the most wonderful cover photo I've seen. 

I didn't realise she has a blog. I mean I know she has a blog but I've always thought it's for selling her makeup products, shame on me. In her blog she includes different topics from beauty to *oh look that's FASHION! OH GOSH! I wouldn't have found out if it were't for this* knowledge (as you can see). Gee, her blog is fascinating. 

I think I've just fell in love with Michelle Phan again. Oh Mish. <3

3. inthefrow

This channel features a London beauty and lifestyle blogger who is NOT a petite. The reason I subscribed to her channel is that her looks are chic and are the type of looks I want to achieve. But the thing is, she usually styles with expensive clothing items and accessories (and she's tall). Guess I will just have to master the skill of finding similar and cheaper pieces (and grow taller). 
One special extra about her: she was a lecturer on Fashion Retail in the University of Manchester! The perfect combination of beauty and intelligence, ah. (And the interior design of her house is just as fabulous as her!)

A quick look at her YouTube channel:

This look here isn't her best look, I promise. Try clicking in to find out!

Of course she has a blog!

SO, I GUESS... THAT'S ABOUT IT! Combining Part 1, here are the 6 FASHIONISTAS I wanted to tell you girls (boys) about! Have a great time reading!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

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