|REVIEW| Must Have Anti-Pollution Item: 24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo

24 7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo

Living in Kuala Lumpur poses a great challenge to my skincare. If I stay out for more than seven to eight hours without cleaning my face, I'm bound to get a pimple or two by the end of the day. I'm not even exaggerating! The pollution caused by increasing vehicles and waste emissions is worsening and there is nothing much I can do to alleviate that. Not only that, my job requires me to work long hours in air-conditioned room. My skin gets dry and dehydrated easily and that is the one of the main causes of premature wrinkles! 

Does any of you face the same problem?

So I am putting my bet on my newly purchased 24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo.

It's rare that I purchase a brand I have never seen or heard before. I normally depend on reviews to help me decide and go for those that are highly raved by YouTubers (is this what you do too?). But when I saw this on a Buy-One-Free-One sale on Althea, I thought, since I don't own a mist, why not get one now? 

Then I got two.

24 7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo
24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo (RM84 for 100ML*)
*Each bottle is 50ML

I stumbled upon this when I was buying my Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence (review? Yes? No?). I saw the words: ANTI-POLLUTION and I was like, hell yeah, you are going into my cart. It contains an indoor and an outdoor mist designed specifically for anti-pollution care while containing hydrating benefits. One is a serum mist (indoor) and the other contains sunscreen properties of SPF50+ PA+++ (outdoor). They claim that the mists are able to prevent oily skin from overproducing excess oil and sebum and are suitable for every skin type. Both the indoor and outdoor mists also feature this weightless shield known as 'Glycofilm' that is said to protect your skin from harmful environmental pollutants. 

Personally, I feel it should be able to work well with most skin types because both mists are non-oily and light on the skin. I started by using the Out Sun-Mist (outdoor mist) before I headed out for lunch one day. The smell almost choked me! It is heavy and it smells like perfume. I wouldn't describe it as unpleasant but it may be deemed unacceptable by some of you who dislike heavily fragranced products. The smell also lingers for a while so it took me quite some time to get used to. When the mist reaches my skin, it is absorbed almost immediately. However I could still feel a thin film of product shielding my skin which I assumed is the 'Glycofilm'. 

24 7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo

Out Sun-Mist from 24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo

With the Out-Sun Mist on my face, although it felt slightly uncomfortable at first, I soon got used to it and fell in love with it. What's magical is that even though I stayed out for more than nine hours that day, my sensitive skin stayed calm and pretty. Wondering why I didn't discover this earlier!

This is good when you need to get out for a quick lunch and you have makeup on which is not suitable for reapplication of sun screen. However,  I would never recommend this in place of a sunblock because after all, it is only a mist. You should still use a sunblock and reapply when you can. 

When I first applied the In Serum-Mist, it was almost a week later. The paranoid me is trying to ensure my skin is adapting well with the Out Sun-Mist before I dump another product on it. Just so I know which product my skin is reacting to when something happens! *touchwood* The In Serum-Mist is not your normal serum. It is lightweight and even absorbs much better than the Out Sun-Mist. 

24 7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo
In Serum-Mist from 24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo

I cannot feel a thing on my skin when I use this and it makes me wonder how much, really, I should spray. It is easy to go overboard  because it does not feel sticky at all nor smell as heavily as the Out Sun-Mist. Instead, it smells like a light body mist which fades away as soon as you step out of the door. I wouldn't say that it hydrates like a normal serum or moisturiser but it surely helps me last longer in the air-conditioned room without drying out too soon.

Spray spray when you're rushing out for lunch, spray spray when you're getting late for a date. They are definitely in a convenient size to carry and are super handy if you need a quick fix! Would I recommend it? You bet I would! 

24 7 In N Out Conditioning Mist Duo
 I was debating with myself whether I should include this gif because I cannot find an original size that matches my layout. But hey, who cares, I had a good laugh from this and I thought you'd too! Not to mention that it fits well with the topic today!

*For those who want to know, this is Daesung from BigBang in Secret Garden Parody*

24 7 In N Out Conditioning Mist Duo

I finally got a mist (or mists!) and I'm glad they work well for my skin. If you live in a city or work long hours in an air-conditioned room, you should totally consider getting them! 

You can get your 24/7 In-N-Out Conditioning Mist Duo from:

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