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is hermo product original
What's inside the box. Taken after I eagerly dug out the sample (and  put it back). 😅

Hoolah! My first Hermo purchase finally knocked on my door and made a grand entrance into my house. Nothing was able to mask my happiness and I couldn't even wait to tell my mom about it I had to text her immediately. Such a mommy's little girl. 😂 I did not manage to curb my excitement and so I did not snap a photo of the box before I ripped it apart. Here I've included a picture of what's inside of the box instead. On the box it printed their slogan: Turnin' Beauty in a Click and it was then turned into a mess in a sec, thanks to me!

Opening the package, I expected to see two large boxes (the masks) and one tiny tub (mask again) (I seem to have an uncontrollable obsession with masks). What I didn't expect to see was the Cosrx sample pack lying peacefully at the bottom as if it was waiting to see my surprised look! 

The sample was supposed to be out of stock because by the time I decided to check out, which is almost two weeks after I had chosen the products I want, it was removed from my cart. That really bummed me out since I wanted to try the Cosrx essence so badly. But I only have myself to blame for not checking out earlier since they already stated on their website that they only have limited stock. 

I was really elated when I discovered the package and had immediately taken it out to inspect. It was the Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence and a quick research had brought me to a full size (100ml) look of the essence and some reviews on it. Since I am not familiar with Cosrx and have not yet had the chance to fully experience its products, here is a review done by ColorCrush. Her review is making me so eager to try out the sample now since I have some hyperpigmentation around my chin area due to recurrent zits. 

is hermo product original
Picture from Sokoglam

It a Malaysia-based company selling cheap and authentic beauty products from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It is stated on its website that it is handcrafted by Malaysians. *PROUD*

I was exposed to it a month ago when I was surfing the net for the best Korean clay mask for my combination skin. Many of the bloggers I came across recommended it due to their good experiences with it. However, I didn't immediately buy my first clay mask (Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mousse Mask) from them. Instead, I got it from the Innisfree store in Sunway Pyramid PJ alongside with many new-member samples and welcome kit. I was scared that it might not be suitable for my skin and wanted advice from their experienced staff. Although buying from the store is much more expensive (RM70 in the store while Hermo is only selling it at RM62, not a huge difference but saving is saving!), the perk is that they give out tonnes of samples and award you for buying above certain price with masks (MASKS!) and more beauty products.

But the moment I found out that the Sister Diaries masks cost only RM36 for two packages on their website (normally sells for RM30++ each in Watsons Malaysia), I quickly added it to my cart. Then I saw the rice wash off mask from Skinfood selling at only RM19 where retail price is above RM40! Another quick 'Add to cart' action was done and I ended up with two items in my cart. That spells FREE SHIPPING! When I checked my cart, I saw the Cosrx sample being added in and my joy is so great, I cannot contain it within me.

But the main question is: Is it legit and reliable? Or is it a scam? Will my purchase be safe? To make sure I don't regret my purchase later, I took time to comb through the internet looking for assurance that it does what it claims. Of many of the sites that I stumbled across, majority of them has only praises for this beauty product seller. Doing that took me another two weeks before I really checked out. That almost cost me my Cosrx sample (it was out of stock 😭) as it was removed from my cart when I paid (but was included in the package I received!).

What is fabulous about Hermo Malaysia is the lower-than-retail prices they offer for the products they sell. You may wonder, how do they manage to keep the prices low? Well, according to them, they do not incur as much overhead and management costs as those retail shops and are therefore able to pass on those savings to us customers. They also claim their products to be 100% authentic and this is attested by their customers who are only allowed to post reviews on the website after receiving their orders.

They have a 'Buy 2 Free Shipping' policy and it is a smart marketing strategy compared to the usual 'free shipping if you purchase above RMxxx'. It is always difficult for me to reach those targets since I am still rather new to the whole online purchase concept. I would always seek to spend as lowly as I can whenever I buy online. After all, the main reason I do online purchasing is because they allow me spend a lot less than buying from retail stores!

Therefore I am very much in love with it because as long as I purchase two items and above, I would be able to save on the shipping fee! So if you have selected one item to buy, I suggest you wait it out! Only proceed to payment when there are at least two items in your cart because even though the single item shipping fee is only RM6.80, you can actually buy a really great hand cream with that price from them. So why waste it on shipping fees?

I placed my order two days before Deepavali, hence it had an estimated arrival time of 3-5 days, which was fine by me. As promised, the package reached my hands on the 5th day and I really can't wait to test them all out!

The products I bought for my beauty collection were nicely wrapped and are in good condition. The Skinfood Rice Wash Off Mask that I got was even bubble wrapped to prevent accidental spillage. Frankly, I wasn't expecting the Sister Diaries masks to have an expiry date in 2019 since they were ridiculously cheap. I have the idea that if something is that cheap, it's gotta have a catch. Clearly that idea is not applicable to Hermo, which is something I am really happy about!

Despite needing to wait for days for the package to arrive, buying from Hermo Malaysia was a really good experience and I would definitely restock my beauty collection from them. Not only it is hassle free and reliable, it also has a 14-day no question asked refund policy which is not seen in retail!

UPDATE: Hermo is now available on both App Store and Google Play! Faster download to ease your online purchase process! ;D


Can I actually get more savings? Is that even possible?

Yes you can and yes it is! Another thing I like is that it gives out free credits! All you have to do is to check in daily at its website and you'll be awarded with 200 credits on your 10th day which you can use in your future purchase once you have collected a minimum of 500 credits! What a great way to save more money (and buy more products to pamper yourselves)!

How to do that? 

Easy, just click on the 'Attendance' button on the top right corner and voila, free credits! Remember to check in daily because missing out a day would reset your attendance to zero (bummer!) and I'm sure no one wants that to happen!

Click here to sign up and shop at Hermo!

By the way, you can use Shopback to save some money (2% for every purchase) when buying from Hermo. Just sign up using my link below, and you'll be rewarded with RM5 immediately, followed by RM5 when you make your first purchase on Hermo through Shopback. That's RM10 in total. It works in the form of cash back which you can cash out to your bank account. You'll can learn more on their website here.

My referral link: https://www.shopback.my/hermo?raf=OxeI66

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This review is not a sponsored post and it is strictly based on my personal opinion of the website. To get more information, please refer to Hermo's website for more details.


  1. Are all the goods from hermo original?

    1. Hello Fischa! So far all the products I bought and received are original. 😊

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