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is tosave.com legit
Can we take a second to admire how beautiful these brushes are?

I'm a little crazy when it comes to beauty products. I have this urge to get every single product that I come across so that I can try them all! That's why I created this blog to at least enable me to justify my purchases. But still, this is a very expensive hobby. So I went out of my way to look for sites that sell beauty products at a more affordable price. Today I'm gonna share with you my big discovery: TOSAVE.COM!

is tosave.com safe
This happens every time I passed by Sephora or any beauty retailers with my parents

As the name suggests, it is a website that is there to help you save during purchase. They aim to provide all their customers with a 10% to 70% off on products they carry as compared to other websites. Other than beauty products (which I am CURRENTLY looking at haha), they also sell products like electronics, computer and phone accessories and even video games! The best part is, they offer free shipping for any purchase if you choose Airmail to deliver your purchase!

is tosave.com safe
This is TOSAVE.com's homepage.

If you're thinking, "anyone can make wild claims saying that their prices are the best, so what's the point?" Let me surprise you with this one: TOSAVE has a "Price Match" system. If you ever find the same product with a lower price somewhere, simply add the URL in and they will do the best they can to adjust the price accordingly. Isn't that cool? Makes me want to be a little detective so bad LOL.

The main reason that TOSAVE manages to carry such a wide variety of products is because most of their manufacturers are located in China. From this wide market, TOSAVE carefully chooses products by evaluating their designs and hardware reliability (for accessories) as they want to ensure those products are actually durable. Each product they sell goes through various quality control procedures before they are shipped out to us customers!

Below are the website's screenshots of the three products I got from them. 
wholesale makeup
 Compressed Facial Mask (100pcs for USD6.58)

peel off mask blackheads
Water Ice Levin's Blackhead Mask (peel-off mask) (60g for USD3.02)

12 makeup brush
Wool Makeup Brushes (12pcs for USD4.76)

Where to buy: 

Compressed Facial Mask - USD6.58 (approximately RM26)
Blackhead mask (peel-off mask) - USD3.02 (approximately RM12)
Wool Makeup Brushes (12pcs) - USD4.76 (approximately RM19)

For the first time I ordered from them, they shipped within 24 hours and that was really fast, considering some e-commerce sites take days to ship my purchases. I am a serial parcel stalker and I hate having to wait forever for the things I buy to come. So shipping fast is definitely one criterion which I place A LOT of emphasis on when it comes to choosing a good e-commerce site to purchase from. Especially since there are so many choices nowadays!

is tosave.com safe
When I received them, hey, they look just as they were shown in the website!

I read around that it normally takes 10-15 days for the package to reach us customers. But mine took exactly one month. Maybe Malaysia is a bit tighter nowadays on international parcels due to various issues which I have no way of knowing, maybe the Poslaju officer wasn't really doing his/her job well (we've all been there 😔), but whatever it is, at least my parcel reached me safely! Everything looks perfectly wrapped and that's one crucial point not to be missed!
(I ripped it apart as soon as I got it so there's no picture of the parcel HAHA)

One thing about buying online is the lack of control over the items you purchase until the products reach you. It has been the main reason why it took me years to be able to start purchasing my first beauty product online (remember this post about how I didn't buy my first clay mask online although it is much cheaper). But this is not something that should bother you when you want to buy from TOSAVE.

12 makeup brush
I just love how all the brushes were individually packed in plastic.

From live chat to tracking service, TOSAVE seems to know what we are worried about. They even came up with a really detailed FAQ, which you can take a look here, to answer all those questions we may all have. If, you become one of their VIP customers, you can even call them up! What's more important is that they promised to reply our mails and messages within 24 hours or even less! 

p.s. VIP customers will even get coupon or gift on birthdays or important holidays!

peel off mask blackheads
The Water Ice Levin Blackhead Peel Off Mask 

peel off mask blackheads
It came sealed. 

peel off mask blackheads
The texture is thick and gooey!

Last but not least, once we've decided what to buy and where to buy, the last question would be: how to buy. There are multiple ways which you can make payment for what you want to buy. You can choose to pay by either PayPal, credit cards, the traditional wire transfer or Western Union. Do note that if you want to use Western Union, you'd have to email them at support@tosave.com and send in the control number, amount paid, currency used, your name and address to ensure they know that you've paid.

tosave.com website review
Here's a picture of what TOSAVE.com shows under PAYMENT section.

So, have you decided where to get that makeup brush you've wanted for so long from? I'm personally very satisfied with the quality of the products given that all three of them costs less than USD15 (approximately RM60)! I might even go back for a second time once I finished up all 100 pieces of the compressed cotton masks haha! It's getting really hard to find compressed masks in Malaysia now, I just can't seem to find any lately LOL. 

In case you didn't know, compressed facial mask are basically sheet masks that are compressed into a small cylinder. Once you pour some water / essence on it, it will soak the water / essence up and expand into a sheet masks which we are all very used to seeing. I will probably do a write-up on "How To Make Your Own Sheet Masks" if you guys are interested! So let me know in the comment section below, hehe!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

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This post is not sponsored but the products are provided by tosave.com. Do note that all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Learn more about tosave.com at http://www.tosave.com. Please read my disclaimer here.


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