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skincarisma review

Hello there! I had been meaning to write something ever since two weeks ago but just hadn't had the time (and the motivation HAHA) to do so. But I'm feeling it so bad now, at 10.30pm, so, let's do a quick one! This time I'm not going to review anything (Something is coming soon! I have something brewing at the background, do check out my Instagram stories @yanrula if you can't wait to find out more), but to talk about a new skincare ingredient analytics tool that I've recently come across. 

If you've been following me for a while now, you know I care about what goes into my skincare product. For every product that I've reviewed and shared with you in the past, I've included its ingredient list and almost always, an analysis which I pulled from CoSDNA. You can tell that I love CoSDNA when it comes to getting my skincare ingredients analysed. However, as much as I love using CoSDNA, I always feel that it does not really put together all the ingredients and provide a good overview for the product as whole and that is important to me. 

So, I was on a quest to find the best analytics tool for my skincare products, and I came across Skincarisma.

skincarisma review
A screenshot of Skincarisma's webpage.

This fairly new cosmetic analyser currently already has 18,000 products listed on its website. The one push that sends me from nay-nay to yay-yay is how it presents an overall picture of the product and summarises the main benefits that each product has. Let's do an example and you'll see why I've started to like Skincarisma so much! Hmm, how about the COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid? A lot of you seem to be really interested in knowing more about it!

skincarisma review
I searched for COSRX and I got a list of products available on Skincarisma. You can search for the product you want directly by keying in the name straight away!

The first and most important thing that I like about Skincarisma is the control it exercises on each posting of a new product to its website. Just try searching for COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid on CoSDNA (the link is here for your convenience) and you'll know what I mean. There are altogether seven entries of the same product and it's just confusing! This never happens on Skincairsma because unlike its competitor, the people behind it check through every submission to ensure there will be no duplicated entries of the same product. How do I know that? I'll show you later!

skincarisma review
Clicking into COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid's page.

You can click on this link below to go and look at the actual webpage:

The cool thing (and my favourite) about Skincarisma is the Quick Product Note that it shows upfront. At one glance I can immediately tell what this product is for and what it is free from. I don't have to dig through the ingredient list and slowly analyse each description. That's a big advantage for all of us because it can potentially save us a lot of time while we are shopping for new products in a hurry!

(Referring to picture below) It is really different from what I was used to (look at the number of words that I have to read now!) but it didn't take me long to get used to.

cosmetic ingredients check
Look at the beautiful icons and simple presentation with few wordings!

When you think it cannot get any better, it actually comes up with a dry/oily/sensitive skin bar chart to show you how good/bad a product reacts on your skin. Just point your cursor on the green/red bar next to each skin type and a little box (shown in picture below) will pop up explaining why they have analysed the product as such. Although if you have time, you should still go through reviews (like mine if you have combination skin!) to really understand how a product can actually possibly change your skin. But this does come in handy when you only need a quick preview of what to expect!

cosmetic ingredients check
Not just that. You can also save your own personal ingredient notes (I like personalisation!) so that you can be alerted when you are viewing a new product or checking a product to see if it contains the ingredients as shown!

Below is an example of how you can save an ingredient to your profile and how it actually works.
cosmetic ingredients check
Therefore, I highly encourage you to create a profile for yourself by signing up on Skincarisma (I already did and it's free to use so don't worry HAHA). That way you can easily find out whether a product suits you or not without having to manually search for that particular ingredient!

p.s. Did you spot 'yanrula' on the top right corner of the first three screenshots?

cosmetic ingredients check
Here is the full analysis for COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. They've pulled in data from the EWG and CIR (explained in Note below) to help analyse the ingredients, adding to the reliability of the analysis!

EWG - Environmental Working Group
(A non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment)
CIR - Cosmetic Ingredient Review
(An organisation that has a core focus of cosmetic ingredient safety)

Last but not least, since this is quite new, there are quite some products that aren't on their list yet. Like its competitor, we are allowed to enter the ingredients and analyse them one by one. All you have to do is go to the ingredient analyser (you can find it at the bottom of the page under the title "Community") and start keying in the ingredients of your product.

cosmetic analysis
Here's where it is. Clicking on it will direct you to the page below.

cosmetic analysis
In the empty box, just key in whatever ingredients you copied from a website or saw from the product label itself.

After that, just click Analyse. It will straight away analyse the ingredients and show you the Quick Product Note together with all the analysis I showed you above. But it will come without a picture and the product is yet to be named. All you need to do, is key in whatever information you have about the product (picture below) as required and help categorise the product into the correct category.

Here's an example from me of the April 22 Rose Energy Cream I reviewed not long ago:
cosmetic analysis
I keyed in the product name and brand, uploaded a picture and suggested a category for the cream.

cosmetic analysis

Just click submit and you're done! A light green bar (see above) will pop up on top to tell you that your submission will be reviewed and posted in six hours (they are so specific about the time HAHA!). That's why I was saying they will not have duplicated copies as they actually check what's posted on Skincarisma. You can check out which products you have successfully submitted through the notification bar on top (the bell next to your username). Below I have an example from my side. I've posted four products so far!

ingredient tester
Oops, it seems like I have yet to complete my profile haha! 😅

ingredient tester
Oh ya, did I mention that you can actually leave your own review of the product too? 😱

If you are a skincare addict like me, you are going to find this much more useful compared to CoSDNA. I mean, look at the minimalistic presentation and robust information that it provides! It just needs a little more time to build up its database and I believe with our aggregated effort that time shouldn't be long. Hence from today onwards, I'm going to start using Skincarisma to help me understand all the product ingredient lists that I'm reviewing hehe. Join me?

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

This post is sponsored by Skincarisma but all opinions are 100% honest and my own. Check out Skincarisma on Please read my disclaimer here.

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