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tinsecret malaysia launch

One last event before everything goes haywire. One last one. 😢 I think that really shows how scared I am of starting work, haha! Hence, I gave my last to TST's, short for Tin'Secret, launch of first counter in Robinsons, The Gardens Mall. I've been to a few events now and I honestly never thought I could still be so surprised when I arrived at the event location (read the story at the end). Oh, by the way, I received the invitation from Charlene, who also invited me to the launch party for Jeunesse NV Range. So, thank you Charlene!

tinsecret malaysia launch
Some of TST's products. I love how luxurious the packaging looks (the prices totally match the look too haha)!

If you are a big fan of TST, this is great news for you. Because they have finally opened the first physical counter in Malaysia at Robinsons, The Gardens Mall! Imagine now being able to replenish the TST products that you've just finished right away when you suddenly think about it while shopping there! Those of you who love beauty products as much as me, you'd know the feeling. That pure joy and happiness is real (that's exactly what happened when I was at Hermo's Warehouse Sale last week 😂)!

tinsecret malaysia launch
You can find them next to Biotherm and Clarins's counters in Robinsons, The Gardens Mall.

TST is a Shanghai born product, founded by Mr Lin Ruiyang in 1994. So it is as old as me! It has been brought into Malaysia by Prissie Couture Plus Sdn Bhd (PCI), making PCI its sole distributor here. TST is famous for its patented technology, which is known as the 'Three Beneficial Bacteria'. Basically, it means that there are three main active ingredients, i.e. the bacteria. Those bacteria are combined using phospholipid technology to create their star product, the yeast mask. This technology is supposed to help prevent oxidisation and peeling of the mask.

I have to be honest, I didn't know yeast mask can give so many benefits to our skin until I learnt about TST! Being able to penetrate deep into our skin (up 80% of absorption by our skin! Like, whaaaaat?), TST's yeast mask aims to rejuvenate and combat ageing process. From what I read around online, it is a brand that focuses not just on results but also customer experiences as well as safety procedures. That's why TST follows strict laboratory and health screening process to ensure its products are safe for all skin types, even mommies-to-be's!

tinsecret malaysia launch
Here's the yeast mask! (RM230 for 50ml)

Yeast mask has become really popular lately. Its ingredients enable it to brighten and plump up the skin giving the users a fairer and more glowy skin if used frequently. From I heard during the event, it has the ability to help with freckles, acne and wrinkles! By just hearing and reading that, I'm sold. My face is so not in a good mood lately! Stress + makeup + (possibly a wrong product too) have caused my skin condition to deteriorate really badly. I really wish I don't have to spend that 30 minutes every morning to do my makeup! Therefore, I'm open to trying any product, the yeast mask in this case, that can help with my skin issues. #thestruggleisreal

buy tst malaysia
TST's Gold Series, from front to back are:
Luxury Gold Collagen Treatment Mask (50g)
Left: Gold Soft Whitening Essence (30ml)
Right: Gold Bright Eye Essence (30ml)
Left: Gold Bright Emulsion (100ml)
Right: Gold Repairing Lotion (120ml)

buy tst malaysia
From left to right are:
TST Peptide Active Eye Cream (RM247.69 for 30g)
TST Repairing Essential Cream (RM267 for 50g)
TST Ageless Peptide Essence (RM315 for 30ml)
TST Shaping Tight Serum (RM300.80 for 50ml)
[Last three items are from Essence Series]

buy tst malaysia
Their Gentle Moisture Toners (RM196.46 for 120ml).

From left to right, these are the Balance Cleansing Mousse (RM235 for 150ml, retail is RM368) and Snow Body Moisturiser (RM130.66 for 300ml)

Okay, here's how the story goes. When I reached Alexis at The Gardens Mall, the one thing that shocked me to the core was the formal dinner clothing everyone (actually not everyone HAHAHA) was wearing. Looking at my jeans, my short heels and my simple white blouse, I panicked. I didn't dare to go to the registration counter. I didn't know what to do. The first person I tried to reach out to was of course, Charlene. But she was on a plane, so I couldn't double confirm with her. 😭 I went through the invitation message, there wasn't anything about formal dress code. I was thinking about bailing. I was thinking about buying a skirt to change into on the spot and walk in gracefully (yeap, that's how crazy I am about dress code). Then I saw my potential (and actual) life saviour: Nataly in the enclosed area. Being unable to reach her physically, I desperately looked for her phone number and hit call. Thank goodness she confirmed that it wasn't a requirement for us (I guess?) and I graciously walked in to see some of the guests (probably a blogger like me or media) wearing jeans as well. I breathed the sigh of relief. Well here's a question for you, underdressed and overdressed, which one would you rather it be?

buy tst malaysia
A look of the counter.

buy tst malaysia
Closer look haha.

Yeap, that's about it! When time permits, I might review the Yeast Mask from them here! So stay tuned to me using Bloglovin' (button on the right) so that you know when another post is coming up!

In the mean time, here's where to find them:

TST counter - Ground Floor Robinsons, The Gardens Mall

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

I was invited to the launch party by Charlene Tan, thank you Charlene! As usual, all thoughts are mine and 100% honest with most of the pictures taken by me and my friends, thank you kawan! Some of them are taken from Robinsons's Facebook page. Please read my disclaimer here.


  1. A yeast mask sounds like such an interesting idea! I've never heard of one before so it's intriguing <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Wow, this event looks so beautiful, and the products sound interesting! Thanks for sharing!



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