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doctor on call malaysia review

I am back from Perth and I miss the weather so much! It was cold when I first arrived but soon after I'd got used to the weather, it was time for me to leave already! Sigh, can I stay there forever? Anyone? I'm small enough to fit in your closet. Okay, that sounded waaaay less creepy in my head.

Anyway, today I want to share with you something different from my usual skincare reviews and beauty tips. All of you living in Malaysia, make sure you stay till the end because I'm about to let you in on something very convenient and money-saving! But before I do, let me fill you in with a background story:

While in Perth, I was sleeping on a sofa bed and I did not dare to move my neck at all for fear it might irritate my very sensitive skin if it touched my face. I know, I go a bit crazy when it comes to my face HAHA. The pillow provided was also too soft and it sank in whenever I laid on it. So I ended up pulling a neck muscle which causes me to be in pain whenever I try to turn my head to the right. 😓

When I came back to Malaysia on Tuesday, the pain didn't go away like it usually does after a few days. I knew I had to see a doctor because I couldn't take it anymore! Yet I didn't want to drive to a clinic even though the nearest one is just 5 minutes away (yes I am THAT lazy). Then I remembered the one greatest invention by human: INTERNET.

No I'm not talking about WebMD. I needed a doctor. A real human doctor that can actually diagnose me and get me the right prescriptions to help alleviate my pain. WebMD doesn't do that. But there is something does. Meet:

DoctorOnCall (DOC)

Doctor On Call Malaysia review

If something can be done from the comfort of my home or just anywhere I like as long as I have a laptop/phone and have internet, it needs to be shared! You can do a voice call with a doctor through this platform. But if you're someone like me, who prefers to see the person I'm talking to in person, a video call is also possible (watch the video below)! Although, if you're an iOS user, i.e. you're using a MacBook, iPad or iPhone, you'll need to install Google Chrome to use the video call. Else, this is really a convenient service for lazy humans like me!

Here's the video of my consultation to help guide you through the process of using DoctorOnCall:

I suggest you to at least skimp through the video to understand how DOC works so that it can be easier for you when you use it! :D

You'd think something this convenient will cost a fortune like I initially did, but NO. Consultation only costed RM20 (half the price charged by the clinic nearby woo!). It is a flat rate for everyone who uses the platform irregardless of length of session! If you happen to need medication, it will be prescribed to you by the doctor through email (like the video above). Upon receiving the email, all you have to do is just pay the medication fee and a RM10 delivery charge, voila! You will receive your medication quickest on the same day itself and the farthest you have to go is to your door to receive the medicine!

Note: Medication delivery is only available in Malaysia. 

As a patient, I'm impressed with the service I received. I wouldn't be surprised since they are all professional doctors who are registered with Malaysia Medical Council (MMC). So rest assured you'll be receiving consultation from a board certified doctor just like one you get in normal clinics. Except you can do it just anywhere that is convenient for you! I personally find DoctorOnCall very convenient and useful. 👍🏼

Doctor On Call Malaysia review
Me trying out DOC for the very first time

If you *touch wood* happen to need a doctor like me, why not give technology a chance and try out DOC. Save all those travelling and waiting time for a comfortable rest at home (and a longer and more enjoyable night routine to pamper your skin)! #skincareaddict #feelingrelatable

DoctorOnCall Malaysia review
Five-star consultation: Highly recommend to try out if you need it!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

This post is sponsored by DoctorOnCall but the review is strictly based on my personal opinion of the website and experience using it.


  1. Can get mc ah

    1. Hello! Currently they are not able to give out MC yet. :(

  2. I would like more information about this, because it is very nice...Thanks for sharing.
    sick certificate | doctor on call


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