ICAEW Story: Recounting Semester 1 (Sunway University College)

ICAEW sunway

I SURVIVED ONE WEEK. ONE WEEK! ONE WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT MY LAPTOP.  Hi Flintstone. I'm officially one of your time. Wanna be friends? I can teach you how to make fire.

Four weeks has flown by. The day before commencement, I moved into the hostel, Sunway Monash Residence (SMR). Just a few weeks before this, I decided to switch to Accounting (ICAEW) and have chosen Sunway for it. Heh, it was already too late for me to have a say on where to stay (dum dum was too lazy to drive). Now I walk 15-20 minutes on the canopy walk (which is worse than driving) each day to school and regret this decision of mine-but-not-really-mine.

Another two months. In another two months, I will be happIER. Hah.


ICAEW sunway
My textbooks for this semester.

In one four weeks, we are almost done with both Accounting and Management Information.

"Wait! What are those?"
Oops, sorry. Forgot about the introduction.

Over the course of two years, there will altogether be eight semesters, with each semester spanning three months. ICAEW is designed to comprise of three levels, namely, Certificate, Professional and Advanced. Currently, what I am studying are two of the six subjects (Accounting, Assurance, Business and Finance, Law, Management Information and Principles of Taxation) in the Certificate level.

ICAEW sunway
All six subjects in one picture.

What again?
"Does that mean you are taking two papers in one semester?"


With no basics in Accounting, this is beyond insanity. When the teacher teaches as if everyone has mastered the subject, it is even worse. Notwithstanding, like I said, this is life. It is better to work diligently and win the war beautifully than to complain day after day and do nothing. This is the sort of spirit one needs for choosing this professional programme. Fortunately, both my teachers for these two subjects are really good. I feel safe in their hands.

For now, I've learnt how to debit and credit accordingly, how to handle receivables and payables, how to deduce the cost of sales, how to sleep with my eyes open, how to calculate depreciation cost, how to differentiate between capital and revenue expenditure or income, how to... blah blah blah.

I have classes on every day except every Friday of the second and fourth weeks of the month. Sounds great? Every holiday exists for a reason. This one? It is to 'compensate' us for coming to school on every second and fourth Saturday for progress tests and mock exams. Doesn't sound that great anymore, does it?

After school ends, I will go back to my unit at the hostel (yes, without joining any clubs and societies, need time to cope, okay?). To catch up with the others who have learnt Accounting before, I  study until the day lets down its dark curtain. It is as if I am back to 2011. To become the me I miss being again. Guess this is a sign that I've made the right decision. Heh.


Meh, who needs a conclusion?

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!

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