ICAEW Story: ICAEW In Short

ICAEW at Sunway

For those of you who have only clicked in for the first time, right now I'm studying ICAEW at Sunway College. It is a professional accounting programme similar to ACCA (which is also equivalent to an accounting degree) with slightly different examination format and course structure. It used to be the MOST prestigious accounting programme (chartered mah) available only in the UK until Sunway College obtained the qualification to teach in Malaysia. 

As time goes, with people graduating from the ACCA programme now being qualified as chartered accountants too, the MOST is NO LONGER the MOST. However, in most people's (especially the older generations) eyes, this is still a very reputable course due to its training contract system. What is that? Let me explain. 

This is a five-year programme with two years of studying and three years of part time working part time studying. To me this is a very appealing choice compared to ACCA because it guarantees my entry into a big corporation in the future with its training contract. Basically the company that I enter will sponsor the last three years of my studies with the condition that I work for them for a year after I graduate from ICAEW. However, that is not a must because I can choose to repay them instead of working for them.

Having this training contract, to me, is very crucial to finding a place, a place big enough to fit a whole me, in the corporate world. (Gosh, I'm sound like an old woman.) Of course yes a guaranteed entry doesn't mean anything unless I am able to move my way further up. (And I'm giving out too much here.)

So that was the general introduction! Stay tuned for more updates! :D

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!


  1. Well, welcome to the path of accounting. Good luck in your new chapter of life. =)

    1. Thanks ZX! You're studying accounting too?

    2. I'm doing finance but accounting is a must-know.


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