Fashionista Wanna Be Part 1

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Like so many girls, I am obsessed with fashion and styling. If time allows, I would spend my whole morning and evening scrolling through YouTube and hopping from one fashion blog to another to scout for inspiration. It's often very tricky to do this because time doesn't wait. I could easily waste my whole day doing nothing but looking around and thinking how I should make use of my clothes. Sometimes, I would even end up window-shopping online and hating myself for not having the earning power to get myself what I want. Ugh, the frustration. >.<

Because of my petite frame, I love to specifically search for bloggers and YouTubers of my size. That way I get to see how they dress themselves up and add heights into their frames. Because that's what I'm really bad at. 



One friend of mine and I have the exact same height, same leg length and even similar size. But people always thought she's taller than I am and would always make fun of me whenever I protest about that. One time we took the trouble to compare ourselves in front of everyone and it proves that what I said earlier in this paragraph was indeed 100% true! That's when I realised what I thought is adding length to my body isn't helping at all and I need a REVOLUTION!

That's actually my ugly fist vectorised by Adobe Shape. 

*That's one epic fail at trying to be artsy.*
I KNOW. Okay. Trust me. I know. :(

Back to the post. So I started searching around for petite bloggers and the odds are in my favour! There are tonnes and tonnes of them in the gold chest just waiting for me to dig them up! But, there's a catch. Because most of them (almost all of them) are based in countries with four seasons and cold weather, it is particularly hard for me to follow and pick up their styles. Well I certainly do not want to look exactly like them but when they start styling trench coats and wool I'm like, 
"Hi, I'm from Malaysia. I can wear trench coats in Malaysia. I can. YES, I CAN! I can do anything I want!" 

"Chill, dude, CHILL."


So far, I've accumulated some fashion bloggers and YouTubers that I love and I'm dying to tell you guys about them. (Yeah 'cause this sentence was typed way before I did any of the others right in the beginning). Down below I will introduce three of them (because the post is getting way too long) and the rest of them will be featured in my next post (hopefully soon)! Stay tuned peeps!

1. Evelina

She's just so cute! Because she's still new to me, I can't quite remember where she's from or why she has the weird accent (which makes her even cuter). I found some Russian related videos on her channel so I'm guessing that she might be a Russian. What I love most about her is her Fashion Cafe series. This is where she shares all her tips and ideas on fashion and styling, as the name may have already suggested. Two other reasons I've fallen for her, besides her 160cm frame (find out more about her here), are that she is very focused on producing just fashion (mostly on clothes) videos AND she calls all her fans UNICORNS. 

Wendy Nguyen, the spirit behind Wendy's Lookbook, is a working actress, a fashion blogger, has a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion, and a volunteer teacher working with incarcerated youths.She has a mysterious man, whom she frequently mentions in her video and a very adorable accent! I like her because she's about my height (duh) and she has this blog which she updates very often. Her styles are impeccable and I really wish I can own a closet like hers!

A sneak peek of her YouTube channel and her Blog.

3. Sydne Summer

This gorgeous girl is the best. I absolutely love it when she does the A-Z fashion trend guides because they are just GREAT *a million thumbsup*. She summarises all the trends from fashion weeks and puts each of them all in a 2-3 minutes video! Gah, what else could a girl who loves fashion but has no time to analyse designer items on fashion stages herself ask for?! Not only that, she ALSO has a very cool and pretty blog! Like the other two, she posts pictures of her inspired outfits on Sydnestyle (blog name) featuring the 160cm frame of hers. Trust me, you won't believe she's only 160cm when you see her in photos. Nope. Nope.

Her YouTube channel and her Blog

Three fashion YouTubers and Bloggers. Here you go!

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!


  1. There's this trick for fashion photography to make the clothes seems like they fit you perfectly. So don't forget to have (professional) skepticism 😂


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